Group Classes

Group classes are a wonderful way to spend meaningful time with friends and loved ones, doing something that is fun, educational, and tasty! Classes can be anything from a fun date night for couples to a group event for you and your friends.

Popular Classes:
  • Seasonal Pie Making
  • Meal Improvisation
  • Farm-to-Table Brunch / Dinner
  • Summer Picnic Fare
  • Abundant Gluten-Free Cooking
  • Inspired Vegetarian / Vegan Meals
  • ...and anything else!
Get in touch to create your own!

How It Works

Melinda offers the option of coming to your home or hosting in hers.  Simply gather 2 or more people, and she'll tailor a class to your group's interests. Class participants will not only make a dish or meal together during the class, but also sit down and eat together to enjoy the fruits of their labor – yes, pun intended ;).

Rates start at $115/person


For the full experience, pair your group class with a personalized Farmer's Market Tour right before. This way, you'll be able to shop for and learn about all the ingredients with Melinda. (Read more about the Farmer's Market Tours here.)

You can also choose to add an additional guided palate-training and Q&A with the Chef after the class, while you are enjoying your meal.



Private Classes

Whether you want to train your palate, become more comfortable in your kitchen, or hone your knife skills, Melinda can help you find joy in cooking and eating. Melinda believes that the kitchen doesn't have to be a daunting place, and hopes that, through a private lesson, she's able to help make that a reality for her clients.

Popular Classes:
  • Knife Skills and Kitchen Basics
  • Everday Farm-to-Table Dinners
  • Cooking Improvisation
  • Specialized Diet Cooking
  • ...and more!
As always, if you are looking to do a class that isn't listed above, simply get in touch with Chef Melinda.

How It Works

Melinda offers the option of coming to your home or hosting in hers. Lessons last 2 1/2 hours and focus on helping you improve your culinary skills, whether casually or for professional reasons. Classes come in 3 formats:

  • Single Lessons
  • Ongoing Lessons
  • 4-Week Series

The structure of the lesson is up to you! Build up a foundation before moving on to more advanced skills, or simply focus on mastering one culinary technique. Melinda will work with you to make sure you meet your goals.

Rates start at $150 per lesson.



Interested in booking a group class or private lesson? Have a question or an idea for a class? Get in touch!