Market tours are a great way to learn more about the abundance of produce available to us and when it is in season.




Do you ever have trouble deciding what foods to buy? Do you want to learn when certain produce is in season, and how to tell if something is fresh or ripe?

...Or maybe you're curious about the health benefits of rutabaga, or why tomatoes (and peaches!) pair well with basil?

Melinda can take you and your friends / family on a guided tour through one of NYC's abundant Greenmarkets to answer these (and many other) questions!

You'll leave feeling energized and excited about the amazing produce the earth provides, and you'll be freshly equipped with cooking tips and inspiration for play and improvisation in your kitchen.

The Details

  • DURATION: 60-90 minutes.
  • LOCATION: Any of NYC's Greenmarkets. See the full list here.

A minimum of 4 people is required. Rates start at $40 per person.

One-on-one tours are also available – please reach out for details and pricing.


We recommend combining a tour with a cooking class; this way, you'll get to cook and eat a meal prepared with the very ingredients you selected at the market! Combination tour / cooking classes are a fun option for celebrating a special occasion!

Read more about cooking classes here.





To schedule a market tour with Chef Melinda, get in touch using the button below!