When you’re hosting a special dinner, you want everything to go off without a hitch. Melinda brings calm preparedness to every event. Her menus are creative and masterfully executed. And she doesn’t shy away from modifying the menu to suit the needs of vegan and gluten-free guests.

A skilled and approachable chef and food writer, Melinda Tracy is cream of the crop! (so cheesy, I know, but cute!) Passion runs deep in Melinda Tracy’s creative culinary mind. From cheffing to food writing, she delivers high quality products that meet the mark (and please the pallet) every time.
— Jan Wanous, Chef and Food Writer
Melinda’s approach to food is thoughtful and purposeful, artful and warm. In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, Melinda’s ability to navigate various dietary restrictions without compromising the quality of the food is impressive. Her food is beautiful, healthy and delicious!
— Emmet Moeller, Personal Chef
If you are interested in the “nuts and bolts” of nutrition and healthy, delicious cooking, I can think of few people who know more about all three than Melinda Tracy. Her meticulous attention to qualities that make food at once healthful and scrumptious are quite simply unique and ingenious.
— Johannah Rodgers, Writer / Artist / Educator
The lunch you prepared was a complete and total success. You hit it out of the park. We got so many comments by guests about it being some of the best catering they’ve had. A lot of positive feedback on the asparagus especially, which I was partial to as well. The whole lunch was perfect. The food, weather, music, it was all blissful. Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding unforgettable!
— Astrid Larson & Koa Beck, Catering Client
Melinda was the chef at my company for many years. She is a wonderful chef who has the uncanny ability to create delicious AND healthy meals. Each meal was well rounded from start to finish. Each season her meals would change depending on the availability of local ingredients. She was adept at listening to the wants and needs of the entire company and distilling them into crowd-pleasing fare on a daily basis. Not only can she do delicious and nutritious savory dishes, she can also turn out desserts with the same adjective profile. We miss her warm presence in the office on a daily basis.
— Nicole Dohogne
I have very much enjoyed your cooking. Other than just making tasty meals, I like the freshness, variety, and health aspects of your cooking. I do my best to avoid heavy intake of carbohydrates, yet I do not want to compromise on flavor and a sense of eating well and completely. Through balance and diversity of the multiple choices you prepared daily, I always found several different selections that were healthy and just plain yummy! Most importantly it just all tastes really good...but without those heavy-handed, unhealthy short cuts that make one feel sluggish and bloated. I feel good after your meals. So thanks for making my best meal of the day! I have also enjoyed the kind attitude you bring to the kitchen.
— Parker Quillen, Personal Chef Client
It was a wonderful evening. Melinda made it all the more delightful with her thoughtful & delicious menu, and her gentle energy made every transition feel seamless. We cannot recommend Melinda enough. She will bring magic and tasty joy to any event you create.
— Shannon Lynch, Catering Client
Melinda is a top of the line chef. Her cooking gave me some inspirations and ideas that I can use within my own cooking. She enticed me to try new things and eat more vegetables! My favorites were her Salmon dishes. . . Salmon with Salsa Verde and Salmon with Cremini Mushrooms and Leeks were both excellent. Another favorite dish was Melinda’s Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe, Cannellini Beans, Garlic Confit, and Peccorino. I also loved her Lentil Soup with Rice, and the variety of salads that she made. I really enjoyed Melinda’s of use of different cultural influences, which gave her food more of a distinct flavor - but at the same time kept the meals healthy. Every meal that she made was always fresh and incredibly tasty.
— Katie Borin, Personal Chef Client